Announcement | CrowdFunz Fund 601, funding successfully

On April 18, CrowdFunz opened its first investment and Fund project “CrowdFunz Fund 601” in 2016. It was favored by many investors on the day that the project was released and reached the expected target amount in just three days, ended ahead of schedule. Financing. After two days of review, the fund is scheduled to initiate its first divbidend disbursement on May 1.

Announcement | CrowdFunz registration and investment process

After months of preparation, the team at CrowFunz has built a platform offering a one-stop service of real estate investment. Today, the online platform is officially launched for investors, and our first Debt Fund is available with an entire online investment process.
CrowdFunz’s online investment platform, in conjunction with Fund America, a leading American financial technology provider, uses third-party custodial services for the funds available on the website. From investment, transfer, to compliance, our investors can complete the whole process through our website, getting convenient, strategic, and safe financial services.
In this article, we will introduce you every step from user registration to fund investment so you can quickly get started on the website.

Announcement | CrowdFunz platform is officially launching

How to connect the parties on two sides, increase the liquidity in the value chain, and help retail investors gain opportunities to participate in real estate industry, those valuable questions do need business solutions to solve. CrowdFunz, a new investment platform founded by a group of Chinese professionals, is established in New York, with a mission to break the silos!