—— CrowdFunz Quick Loan Fund 602 is officially launched, and the investment deadline is June 30. Don’t miss it!

CrowdFunz Quick Loan Fund 602 is now open to investors. The fund’s financing goal is $1 million. The opportunity to earn stable fixed income is available for you. Please contact us +1(516) 829-0700; info@crowdfunz.com!info@crowdfunz.com!

Fund Features

  • Minium Investment: $50,000
  • Investment Type:Bridge Loan
  • Raising Amount: $1,000,000
  • Annualized Return: 8%
  • Investment Period: 6-12 Months
  • Closing Date: 06/30/2016
  • CrowdFunz Rating: A
  • Investment Qualification: U.S. Accredited and Foreign Investors

CrowdFunz Quick Loan Fund 602 is a debt investment fund. The project developer applied for a bridge loan of $1 million.

As part of the bank loans of the developers are about to expire, the loan originated by Fund 602 is applied for solving the developer’s short-term financing gap.

Project Brief

  • Property Type: Large Commercial Complex
  • Location: 8th Avenue, Brooklyn; Close to N line subway station
  • Development Advantage: Initiated by credible New York developers; the building includes a three-story shopping mall, two underground automatic parking lots, two residential buildings, an office building, and a hotel

The project is close to Metro N Line 8 Avenue Station and I-278 highway exit, and the bus is also extremely convenient. It only takes 10 minutes to reach Chinatown in Manhattan and less than 20 minutes to Midtown Times Square. It meets the transportation requirements of residential owners and commercial tenants.

Project Highlights

  • Sufficient Collateralized Value: The loan issued by Fund 602 is secured by the assets of the project entity, and the value of the collateral far exceeds the financing amount
  • Principal Security: The principal invested in Fund 602 will be handed over to a professional third-party institution for custody to ensure safety and independence
  • Short-term Maturity: the investment period is 6-12 months, avoiding uncertainty
  • Prime Location: The project is located in a large Chinese-inhabited area in New York. The population is increasing rapidly, and the flow of people is huge. It is hard to find a shop.

Investment Structure

CrowdFunz Fund 602 is an investment entity established specifically for the underlying project’s financing and investment.

When the investor confirms the investment and signs all legal documents, the invested principal will be transferred to the fund’s third-party custodian account. Only when the target financing amount is reached and the fund is officially closed for investment, the fund pool raised by the entire fund can be transferred to the financing party’s account and used.

Location Analysis

Brooklyn is one of the five districts of New York City, located in the southeast of Manhattan and connected to Queens to the east. Among the five boroughs of New York City, it is the most populous district (2.5 million residents).

Brooklyn has a convenient public transportation system. A total of eight subway lines pass through the area. There are 170 subway stations. 93% of local residents travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan by subway. The Long Island Railroad also has a hub station in Brooklyn. In addition, Brooklyn is next to JFK Airport, and it is also very convenient to LaGuardia Airport and Newark Airport.

Chinatown at 8th Avenue

Chinatown on 8th Avenue in Brooklyn is a large Chinese-inhabited area in New York, with a huge flow of people and numerous shops, making it hard to find a single store.

However, this area lacks large modern shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. The community appearance needs to be updated, and supporting facilities urgently need to be upgraded.

The large commercial complex project, invested by CrowdFunz Quick Loan Fund 602, conforms to market demand and not only improves the quality of residents’ lives and consumption but provides more business investment opportunities.

Traditional Chinese archway has always been a symbol of overseas “Chinatown” and “Chinatown”. However, there has never been an archway building in New York for more than a hundred years. The first Chinatown archway is expected to stand on 8th Avenue between 64th Street and 65th Street in Brooklyn this year. The designer of the archway is Raymond Chan, the architect of this project.

Thank you for your attention to our fund! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.