—— CrowdFunz Quick Loan Fund 601 is starting its first dividend disbursement!

CrowdFunz Fund 601 has a 6-month investment cycle in a total of $650,000 U.S. dollars in real estate debt investment.

The fund was launched on CrowdFunz’s platform in April, and it has been favored by investors and completed financing ahead of schedule.

The first dividend of Fund 601 is being remitted to each investor’s investment account. All investors will receive corresponding dividend income (fixed annualized income is 9%).

CrowdFunz Fund 601 financiers used the CrowdFunz platform to raise funds, and in the short term alleviated the tight capital turnover situation. The financing party has sufficient real estate mortgages and personal asset guarantees, which makes the investment risk of this project low and is not affected by market supply and demand.

CrowdFunz’s current investment projects focus on New York real estate projects with stable leases and good development prospects.

We have a professional review team that conducts strict review and screening of projects and comprehensive risk assessment to provide investors with low-risk, high-return real estate investment products. The relevant information and progress of all investment projects are also disclosed to fund investors throughout the process.