Insights | Aftershocks of Brexit, how to reduce the damage caused by the devaluation of RMB?

itain’s historic Brexit aftershock is not over, and global financial markets continue to fall into chaos. With the pound slumping and the dollar strengthening, Renminbi dropped by nearly 600 points on June 27th, the largest one-day drop since the devaluation of the renminbi triggered the global financial turmoil in August last year. It also hit a 5-year low onshore exchange rate.

Insights | Brexit indicates that hedging of foreign asset allocation is more important

On June 24, the Brexit referendum was settled. Because it is very different from the previous market expectations, Brexit has become a black swan event, triggering violent turbulence in the global financial market. Some insiders pointed out that Chinese investors shall consider the opportunities to adjust asset allocation and increase the proportion of safe-haven assets.

Insights | REIT, created by the U.S. legislation 60 years ago, finally started its testing in China

On the afternoon of June 3, The State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of the Housing Rental Market” and announced a series of new policies. The “Opinions” expresses that it encourages the promotion of real estate investment trust (REIT) pilot projects, on the one hand, guiding private funds to participate in commercial real estate; on the other hand, encouraging developers to sell exclusively for rent. In short, lower the threshold of commercial real estate investment, turn heavy assets into light assets, let the house be used, and let the capital flow.